About Sloane Consulting

With over 15 years as an adult sexuality educator, and over 10 years working in and around the adult industry, Sarah Sloane brings a wealth of experience to the table for her clients. She has taught for over a dozen adult retailers in the US and Canada, written for a variety of websites and publications (both B2B and B2C), spoken for universities and professional organizations around the United States, and worked within the industry as a retail store manager, educator and trainer.

Sarah believes that clear communication and transparency are key to building the success of any business; as such, she works to help companies and solo entrepreneurs create and sustain a culture of honesty and respect. She enjoys balancing data with real-world experience, and loves to dig into deeper challenges to cooperatively create growth opportunities for her clients.

headshotSloane Consulting can…

  • Brainstorm ways to engage customers for emerging brands
  • Utilize analytical skills to identify areas of improvement and growth, and create a strategy for addressing them
  • Develop and deliver training for both retail staff and consumers that gets them excited
  • Offer intersectional cultural competency guidance and training for organizations
  • Advise / copywrite marketing pieces, including POS displays, user manuals, and packaging
  • Provide “fact checking” for educational outreach efforts

You can check out Sarah’s writing and media mentions here. Curious about working with Sarah? Just drop an email to set up a complimentary appointment!