Client Engagement

In a social media world, it’s easy to think that the new way to engage customers and clients is through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – but they’re often a time sink that doesn’t yield results. Why? Because there’s no cohesive strategy to build engagement. Great social media without customer service, quality product, and effective delivery (in person or online) is like having a flashy car with no engine and no steering wheel.

Building a client engagement program, whether for B2B or B2C businesses, must incoporate key elements based on the business goals:

  • What is the “voice” of the business, and what words do we use to communicate our brand to clients?
  • Where do we want to prioritize our outreach time and energy?
  • What information delivery methods do we want to use? Online product information and training, social media, in person events and promotions, printed training materials?
  • How do we want to maintain our connections with our clients?
  • How do we inspire them to come back to work with us in the future?

Consulting can help you answer these questions, and develop a workable – and effective – client engagement strategy. This can integrate your in-house resources – staff, social media managers, and marketing staff – with expertise from outside the company to fill in the blanks and help ensure a seamless and profitable process.

Specializing in coaching, training, and strategic planning for solo entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses