Who is Sarah Sloane?

Hi, folks!

I am passionate about one thing: empowering other people to reach their goals. Whether it’s leading a conversation with consumers about how to create the lives that they dream of, or coaching clients to achieve their professional goals, or writing a marketing piece that makes it easy for end users to feel great about their purchase, or sharing information with other professionals that helps them succeed – it all comes back to empowerment.

I see the adult industry as a place that can create amazing empowerment for both those of us in the industry, as well as every consumer that we interact with. In my time in the industry, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met – directors, actors, writers, educators, retailers, manufacturers, and all of the incredible consumers that our work serves. And in that work, I’ve been able to help create business success without taking away from customer pleasure.

That passion for empowerment is why I’ve chosen to work as a consultant. I enjoy building a relationship that involves mutual satisfaction while driving for results. I get excited about bringing a new concept, a new product, or a new way of thinking to the table. I love to help people acknowledge their achievements, and still look forward to continual growth. And by leveraging the depth and breadth of my skills, both in the adult industry and throughout my career, I can put all of this into play for you.

The adult industry is just one of my specialty areas; other areas of expertise include customer service, diversity training, personnel management training & mentorship, working with clients who deal with “invisible” illnesses & limitations (such as PTSD, chronic pain & fibromyalgia, depression, and so on), and clients who are in transition.

Specializing in coaching, training, and strategic planning for solo entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses