Analysis and Planning

You may have tons of data on your business – months worth of sales, years worth of P&L reports. You may be an emerging entrepreneur, with not much to speak of and no way to firmly project. Or you may be somewhere in between – a little experience under your belt, and a bit of history, but nothing as wide ranging as you want. But? That data does you no good unless you can examine it with a critical eye, and it only gets really useful when seen through the lens of all of your business activities.

Sloane Consulting can help you set up your metrics, including sales figures, expense categories, social media metrics, promotional impact, and other key indicators of your business health. We can then help you evaluate your metrics, giving you a better feel for the overall wellness of your business – which you can then use to drive your work in the direction that you want it to go for success.

Best of all – we acknowledge that a successful business is not solely determined by profit; customer engagement, goodwill, philanthropy, work/life balance for employees, innovation, and creativity are all hallmarks of companies that continue to thrive for years to come. We won’t let you forget what got you started, and we won’t encourage you to compromise your values.

Specializing in coaching, training, and strategic planning for solo entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses