• You know where you want to get, but lack the tools to get there.
  • Your staff is amazing, and you want to support them becoming amazing-er!
  • You’re rolling out a new product, and you want to get sellers engaged.
  • You want to create a cultural shift in your workplace, but don’t know how to get it started

Training is critical to success and business growth. It starts with development – delving into the necessary skills and knowledge that need to be imparted to trainees, and creating a game plan that will get them all on board and confident in their knowledge. A solid training program, especially one that encompasses both in-person and ongoing re-direction, can keep trainees engaged and continually improving their ability to deliver results. And while this sounds like a time (and money) consuming process, if it’s done correctly, it can be efficient, cost-effective, and fun!

Sloane Consulting works with you to determine what your training goals are – including things like building sales, creating more customer loyalty, engaging your workforce towards a common goal, and providing ongoing development for staff. We’ll build a training program that’s ideal for your business, exploring options such as in-person training seminars, coaching, on demand training, group education calls, written / graphic media, and beyond. We’ll help administer the training, or train your own in-house staff to deliver it. And we’ll build metrics to see exactly how effective the training has been, so that we can continually refine to drive to the results you want to see.

Sarah’s delivered training to retail store staff, customer service staff, IT departments, mental health practitioners, solo entrepreneurs, personnel managers, and beyond – might your team be next?

Specializing in coaching, training, and strategic planning for solo entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses